WOW! We were very fortunate to have found Nicola and Richard to sit and care for our 17-year-old ‘kitty’. He can be suspicious and shy when strangers come, but Nicola and Richard won him over. He felt so comfortable with them and was not stressed out when we returned from our trips. Yes, we have used their services many times over, and will continue to do so.

We are extremely impressed with their professionalism as well as the compassionate and gentle care they give our cat Twills. They even played the special games we do with him. They truly love cats and want them to feel at ease and safe in their environment.

So….. here are the wonderful things about them.

  1. Came to our flat to meet us and Twills before coming to sit for the first time. This was great! They got to know how he fits in in his home. We were also made to feel comfortable, as they showed us their friendly and professional manner.
  2. Took detailed notes about all the things to remember concerning the care, food, his cat beds, and any other special needs he might have.
  3. Excellent business practices, providing clear terms on the contract, fees (very reasonable!), and dates.
  4. Sent us text messages about the care (and photos of Twills) each and every day after feeding. This was very reassuring to know he was doing so well. We thus felt no worries about being away, and we could enjoy our trip.
  5. Cleaned the kitty box each day and even vacuumed the flat. They also offered to bring milk or bread so we would have it when we returned — now that’s really special!
  6. Great rapport with our kitty and treated him like their own.
  7. Totally dependable, reliable, punctual, and trustworthy in all their dealings.

I could go on and on. I think you get the idea. FIVE STARS for Nicola and Richard. We are very lucky to have them care for Twills, and we feel confident that he is in the best of hands.

Juliana and John Yaffe

Sir Twills

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for Pixie and I.

I cannot put it into words how grateful I am, thank you so much for looking after him for the 3 months I was gone and making sure he was fed, fussed, looked after daily and taking him to the vets a couple of times.

It was so hard to be away from him but receiving pictures and videos from you daily and knowing he was in the safest hands made it a lot easier.  I couldn’t be happier to have met such lovely kind hearted people who are by far the best cat sitters around.

Sonia Woods


I had never heard of pet sitters until this year.

We booked the gifted cat to care for our pets whilst we were at Download Festival this year, and aren’t we glad we did!

Not only did we receive text updates, but also a daily conversation with how our animals were doing – along with picture messages!

You really can’t wrong with The Gifted Cat, it’s refreshing to know that your family is in safe hands and that care and attention is being received whilst you don’t have the ability to be there!

Nicola Lees

Laz and Lucy

The Gifted Cat people have a very professional attitude and are genuine cat lovers

I go away for a few months on each trip and I need Babu to be kept indoors while I am away. Nicola and Richard went far beyond just feeding and changing cat litter.

They sent reports and pictures showing Babu getting lots of fuss. They took my post in and generally kept an eye on the house.

They even purchased groceries for me so that I could get a cup of tea and a sandwich when I got home.

Chris Tatman


The gifted cat have been fantastic. We asked to book with them for 2 weeks, so Nicola arranged to come round for a 45 minute consultation to build up knowledge about the cats, book the dates and we got to choose a time that Nicola would come round everyday – which was great because it meant we got to stick to the same routine the cats would have had if we were home.

The consultation also gave Nicola and Richard the chance to meet the cats before we went away, so they could tell what they were like straight away. One of our cats is happy for fuss whereas our other is extremely timid so Nicola and Richard knew she would take some time to gain their trust. We gave Nicola our keys a week prior to going on holiday and signed all the paperwork.

Nicola offered to email/text me every few days while I was holiday with updates and pictures of the cats which was really nice of her. Nicola and Richard also went the extra mile by feeding our mouse, cleaning our bed linen after the cats had been sick on it, replacing the cat scoop, sweeping the floor, changing the bin.

If there were any problems while we were away, Nicola would email me straight away which was really good of her. When we arrived back from our holiday I text Nicola to let her know we were home safe – as Nicola would have carried on caring for the cats if our flight had been delayed or there were some problems getting home. Nicola and Richard had written everyday about their visit, and also left us a lovely gift! We collected our key on the same day we returned and it was lovely to hear from Nicola and Richard how both cats became comfortable and happy with them and that they played a lot and enjoyed fuss. We will definitely be using the gifted cat again to look after out kitties whenever we next go away!

Gemma and Stuart Hart

Mitzy and Magic