Cat Sitting

Coventry Cat Sitting
1 x 45 minute visit – £12.00
2 x 45 minutes visits – £22.00

Seven cats or more
£1 extra per cat

Please see additional details below


Vet visit
Planned – Coventry £20.00

Between 7am – 8.45pm –  Emergency vet visit, Coventry £30.00

Between 8.45 pm – 7am – £40.00


Additional details

Bank Holidays
Spring and summer bank holidays – time and a half
Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing & New Years Day – double time

Extra Information
We do not charge extra for weekends
Discounts are available for twice daily visits
The Gifted Cat also offers a small grocery shop (you will asked to leave the money for the cost of groceries) so that you have the basics, such as bread, milk, cheese, etc. ready for your return.


Contact with your cat

Free texts (within the UK)

Free WhatsApp and emails with message and photos (worldwide)

Free messages and photos through Facebook and Twitter

Free Skype to see your cats in action – your internet details will be required

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