Cat Sitting

We adore our six cats and as every cat lover knows they rule the house, not us! Cats are territorial animals and love to be at home with their comforts. We all like to take time away on holiday and cats don’t tend to travel well, so what do we do? Catteries have served many people well but cats don’t enjoy being displaced and it’s certainly not a cheap option, especially for those with more than one cat.

Why not save yourself and your kitties the stress and allow us to care for your cats for you in their own home? With up to two (or more if required) visits of 45 minutes each we can really spoil your cat with attention and feed and care for them as well; whether that be with brushing, walking or hand feeding them smoked salmon! As a retired nurse our owner Nicola is caring, has retained her nursing skills and is great under pressure, as well as being the ultimate cat lover.

Why choose us?

  • Specialised care solely for cats with over 22 year’s experience
  • Excellent references from clients, local vets and cat charity workers
  • Fully insured, DBS checked, registered with NARPS (National Association of Registered Pet Sitters)
  • Competitive rates
  • Free consultation prior to sitting to bond with your cat and understand their needs
  • Free care for your home and security initiatives


  • We can administer medication or a special diet (medication can be administered orally or by injection)
  • No age limit – kittens to older felines
  • Cats cared for exactly how you would
  • Regular photos and updates sent to you
  • Contact by phone, text, email, What’s App, Twitter, Facebook or Skype
  • We also offer travel to vet appointments (by arrangement or in an emergency)
  • We ONLY care for cats so no other smells to upset your felines

I have three cats and I also foster for a cat charity – The Gifted Cat are caring loving people to our cats, also professional in all they do. I have no hesitation in recommending them.  They look after our home and I always go away with peace of mind. They are truly gifted in cat care.

Mrs P Margerrison

Martha, Amber and Skippy

Nicola helped us out when we went on holiday and forgot to book a cattery! She came for a fortnight, morning and night, and gave us daily progress reports and photos which we really appreciated. She actually did more than we were expecting for us, excellent service.

Chris Ramsbottom

Merlyn, Minnie and Freddy

Great service so our kitty can stay in her home comforts while we are away! Nicola is always happy to accommodate us and take care of Lulu. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone – super friendly cat loving people that take care of your cat like it’s their own!

Alison Bishop -Otutaha


Where do you start?

Sample day of in the life of a cat sitter…we will have discussed your needs and met your cat(s) at the free consultation so the following is an example of what we could do:

We arrive at the property and turn lights on/off, draw or open curtains according to the time of the day. We call the cat(s) by name who come running to see who this interloper might be! A little stroke reminds them.

Will my cats be fed?

The cat bowls are retrieved whilst we chat away (Nicola has been known to sing to them), we wash the bowls and put down fresh food and water and ensure each cat receives their food in a bowl and place they are used to.

Will the litter tray be emptied?

We will check the areas of the house the cat frequent for any ‘pressies’, dispose of them and clean up if necessary

The litter tray is dealt with and the kitchen area we have used is left clean and tidy.

Will the cat(s) get some attention?

We have lots of time left so we can play with your cats. We brush them, stroke them, fuss them and entertain them with toys until our time is up. We usually finish with a little Dreamie shaped treat! Then we can contact you with photos and an update of your cats via text, email, What’s App, Facebook, or Tweet. We can even Skype, whilst in your home, so that you can see your cats in action. Richard is a cat whisperer, and can get the shyest cat to play with the laser pen or a feather on a string.

What if my cat(s) get ill/injured?

If the worst happens and they are ill or hurt we will take them to your vet and ensure that they are cared for.

Your cats become our furriends and the trust we can build with them will mean that you never have to worry about them when you go away again.


As a retired nurse, Nicola still adheres to basic infection control, and we all use alcohol gel prior to and after visiting your cats, to prevent any cross infection between all of the cats, whom we care for each day.

The Gifted Cat are very security conscious and ensure that your keys are kept on a coloured key fob, with just your cats name on. Your confidential information is kept separate from the keys, so in event of either being stolen, there is no link to your address and personal details. The keys are kept in a locked cupboard in a locked room, when not in use, and the paperwork is kept in a secure place too.





We LOVE cats and we LOVE our job so purrlease contact us with any enquiries.

You can enjoy the PURRFECT holiday knowing your cats are safe and loved.