The Gifted Cat is a genuine cat loving, family run business, and are not part of a franchise.  We are ‘owned’ by six very loved and spoiled cats – Toby, Buffy, Rosie, Jasper,  Oliver and the youngest Merlin, who is trying to rule the household. They often ‘post’ on our business Facebook page, which is also a furrtastic, feline, furriendly community, and are all becoming quite the little internet stars.

We support various cat charities such as Coventry Cat Chat, Coventry Cat Group, Coventry Cats Protection League, P.D.S.A, R.S.P.C.A and W.W.F. We have recently moved out of Coventry, to Silloth, Cumbria, and we are looking forward to supporting our local cat and animal charities.

In 2012, and after much debate and a play on words, the name The Gifted Cat was born. We launched our range of purrfect gifts, which are handcrafted in house and are usually based on the customers own cats. The Gifted Cat now sells worldwide.

In 2014, we launched the Pawsome Cat Sitting Service, and it is becoming well known for our excellent standards in specialising in the care of cats. The Gifted Cat is also very proud to be highly recommended by three of our local cat charity workers in Coventry, alongside excellent reviews from clients. Nicola is studying for a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology and will be offering this as an additional service in the future.

In 2016, Richard joined The Gifted Cat and so it is very much a family affair and even our cats like to help too, which usually means walking all over their work

Wait – 5 stars??? But I want to give 6, or 7 or 8 or more – 5 stars does so little justice!!! Seriously, I cannot give enough stars to this wonderful couple who run The Gifted Cat.

You can expect the highest level of professionalism when you first meet them. Nicola is very thorough in finding out about you, your cat and their/your needs whilst in her care. She is organised and efficient, leaving nothing to guess work or chance.

She likes to meet the cats and spend time with them at the initial meeting and this is where The Gifted Cat really comes into their own. It’s apparent from this meeting, how much she adores cats, Richard too.   They are the ultimate cat lovers – this job is no mere money spinner for them, but clearly a passion that runs deep. If they won the lottery, they’d do it for free, I think!

After that first meeting, you feel that absolutely nobody could look after your cats in your absence better than this couple.Indeed, you have a sneaky feeling that they might even do a better job with them that you do yourself 😉

Then there’s the sitting itself. Don’t expect Nicola and Richard to merely go in, feed your kitties and change litters. They will give your cat fuss, love and attention, play *string* with your cat, do whatever your cat desires of them. If your cat is shy with strangers or likes to be left alone, they will respect his space, but still make contact with your cat until your cat comes to them of his own free will. Even the most aloof cats are won over in the end. They provide daily updates by email or text on your cats’s eating, drinking habits, litter output, general health and well-being and detailing any interactions your cats enjoyed with them.

At my request, Nicola and Richard Skyped me every few days with my cats – so they are open to anything like that, as they understand mad cat ladies like myself, lol.

On an important medical note: one of my cats was fairly recently diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes. Nicola is a trained (human) nurse, so I was confident that Phoebe would be in excellent hands. Nevertheless, Nicola met me at my vets before I went, and had him go through Phoebe’s specific dosage and how best to inject a cat. Nicola was outstanding at giving Phoebe her insulin 12 hours apart everyday, getting to mine for 7.30am and again at 7.30pm. This level of care was critical to Phoebe’s survival.

Whilst we were away, Nicola and Richard opened/closed our curtains, sorted the post, turned on/off the lights and generally kept an excellent eye on the house. This gave us added piece of mind. Before we returned, Richard vacuumed our floors and got some staples in for when we got home (they’d offered to do this, but only charge for the items, not for the service).

I received a beautiful gift from The Gifted Cat on our return too.

All in all, Nicola and Richard are the most awesome cat sitters you could hope to have cat sit your cats. My cats are so fond of them now, that when Nicola came to drop off my keys last time, they raced downstairs the second they heard her voice when my husband opened the door.

I wouldn’t go to anyone else now. My cats are so lucky to have Nicola and Richard step in and be there for them when we are away. I can relax and know they are looking after my cats as if they were their own. And you can’t get better than that.

Jilly Harris-Khun

Gracie Mae and Phoebe


Nicola is the joint owner of The Gifted Cat.  She was born in Coventry, and now lives in Silloth with her soul mate and husband of 24 years Richard, and their six very loved and spoiled cats.  In 2012 and after working in the health and social care profession for over 22 years, Nicola took early retirement from mental health nursing to look for a new direction. So the Gifted Cat was born, combining her love of cats, her nursing skills and abilities.

Nicola works alongside Richard at The Gifted Cat and they both long to win the lottery, so that they can open a cat sanctuary, caring for cats that are old and disabled and still sell their gifts in a cat themed tea shop. Nicola’s current daily schedule revolves around cats, from caring for their 6 cats to the gift side, to cat sitting and to her studying for a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and Psychology and she says (with a big smile) what could be more purrfect than being with cats?


Richard worked as a BT Openreach engineer for over 25 years, and coming up to his 50th birthday, decided that he wanted a lifestyle change, and with Nicola’s support, he took early retirement from BT. He is also very artistic and designs and creates the purrfect gifts for cat lovers, and other animals, if requested. Richards’s work is admired and collected all over the world and he has a pawsome fan base in the USA and Australia, and of course, the UK.

Richard is a fan of all things science fiction, fantasy and supernatural, and on retiring, he finally managed to buy himself several character superhero costumes, such as Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Batman.

Richard has been ‘owned’ by cats since he was a child and one of the things that attracted him to Nicola, was her obvious love of felines. He cannot imagine his life without cats, and of course, Nicola!  Richard joined The Gifted Cat in 2016, and with his talented input and another pair of ‘paws’ available for cat sitting, both sides of the business are now growing exponentially.

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